Regarding measurement of electric contact

Points for choosing the probe for an application where the temperature is high or low

Under the high/low temperature environment, expansion and contraction occur on the parts on the current-carrying circuit.
As the number of parts on the current-carrying circuit increases, fluctuation in resistance becomes larger.
Therefore, the outer-spring type contact probe, which has a single part on the current-carrying circuit, enables stable measurement.

Outer Spring Type - Spring is assembled outside

  • Intrinsic resistance is hardly varied even with a long period of use.
  • High current can flow due to its large cross-section.
  • Expansion / contraction of components, which is caused by heat from friction or electric charge, would not affect intrinsic resistance.
Test of the durability up to 10 million times of hits
Test of the resistibility against the temperature from -70℃ to 100℃

Suitable for measurements that require precise readings or that are performed under high current.