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Privacy Policy

Sankei Engineering Co., Ltd. receives personal information, including names and addresses (hereafter referred to as “Personal Information”), from its clients. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of this Personal Information and believe this commitment to be our social responsibility. We deem it necessary to protect Personal Information on our Web site www.sankei-engineering.com (hereafter referred to as “Web site”) as set forth in the following policy. We ensure that Personal Information is handled appropriately in accordance with this policy within our Web site. We do not assume any responsibility for the use of Personal Information on other Web sites linked from our Web site. Please refer to the other external Web sites for verification of their respective privacy policies.

1.Purpose of use of Personal Information
We shall use the Personal Information you have provided exclusively for replying to your requests or inquiries, sending requested materials, and for other purposes as set forth on our Web site. We shall not use any Personal Information for any other purposes without your consent.
2.Provision of Personal Information disclosed to a third party
We shall not provide your Personal Information to a third party without your consent except when we are legally required as follows:
Legal requirement
If required in the course of cooperation with national or local government officials or mandated agents in complying with legal requirements and obtaining your consent would impede the authorities in the execution of their duties.
3.Management of Personal Information
In addition to formulating internal regulations and a management system for the protection of Personal Information, we employ appropriate measures to ensure against risks, including unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, alteration, and disclosure of Personal Information.
4.Supervision of subcontractors
In cases where it becomes necessary to disclose Personal Information to our subcontractors in the course of outsourcing for the aforementioned purpose of use, we select such firms that assure sufficient privacy protection, execute a privacy protection agreement, and employ other necessary and appropriate measures to safeguard Personal Information. In cases where a public institution, including legal and police authorities, requests disclosure, we may provide your Personal Information to the respective institutions.
5.Disclosure, modification, and suspension of use of Personal Information
You may request that we cease using or delete your Personal Information which we have acquired. Upon verifying that the person making such a request is the person for whom cessation of use or deletion is being requested, or is a duly authorized proxy thereof, we will comply accordingly.
6.Revisions to the terms of the policy
The terms of this policy are subject to change in accordance with changes in regulations or other requirements. A revised policy shall be posted on the Web site.